Cooler Master MPE-6501-ACAAW-US CM MWE White 650 Watt PSU


CM MWE White 650 Watt PSU

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MWE White offers 80 Plus Standard certification, guaranteeing an average efficiency of 80 percent at typical load. The DC-to-DC + LLC circuit design allows the unit to convert power from the single +12V rail reliably, efficiently, and safely for a better overall user experience. The thermally sensitive HDB fan cools based on temperature, adjusting constantly as the system s needs change. Not only does this waste less power but it also creates a quieter overall user experience by not running the fan at maximum noise level when not needed. For a great entry level computing experience, choose the MWE White.Connectors: – ATX 24 Pin x1 – EPS 4+4 Pin x1 – EPS 8 Pin x1 – SATA x6 – Peripheral 4 Pin x3 – PCI-e 6+2 Pinx4

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