Datacolor SXSSR100 Datacolor SpyderX Studio


Datacolor SpyderX Studio

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Datacolor SpyderX Studio is the essential all-in-one photographic workflow solution for precision control from capture, to editing to print. This cost-saving suite of tools ensures your photos are captured accurately, your monitors display precise colors, and your prints are perfect every time. Here?s how to make the most of the tools you?ll find in SpyderX Studio: Start with Spyder Cube for incomparable image capture. It lets you set white and black values (something you can?t do with just a gray card) and define your neutral gray. When you?re ready to edit, monitor calibration is effortless with SpyderX Elite our fastest, most accurate and easiest-to-use monitor calibration tool ever. Finally, use Spyder Print for full control of your printer output. It lets you create multiple custom profiles for any combination of printers, inks and papers.

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